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Zimbabwe National Road Administration

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Company History

The Zimbabwe National Road Administration(ZINARA) is a corporate body that was established in terms of the Road act(Chapter 13:18). The body which was established in 2002 has prioritized the enhancement of a good road network system throughout the country.
The mandate of ZINARA) is to fix, collect, disburse road user charges and mobilise revenue for roads development and maintenance. It also encompasses the monitoring of such funds that would have been disbursed for road maintenance to road authorities. Furthermore, ZINARA assists road authorities in making annual or multi-year road maintenance rolling plans and approves such plans. The entity also assists the Minister in setting maintenance, design, construction and technical standards and to monitor adherence to such standards by road authorities. The organisation also performs any other function that may be conferred or imposed on the Road Administration in terms of the Roads Act (13:18) or any other enactment.

Fuel Levy

Since its inception, this was collected by National Oil Company of Zimbabwe (NOCZIM). However, it is now being collected by National Oil Infrastructure Company of Zimbabwe (NOIC)

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Vehicle Licence Fees

These fees were collected by Local Authorities (Rural District Councils and Urban Councils) who also had capacity to collect at that time. Following a decision by government, ZINARA took over collection of these fees in 2009 and had to beef up its staff () after opening provincial collection offices

Vehicle Licensing

Tolling Fees

These were introduced in 2009 and were being collected by the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority - ZIMRA (which had capacity to collect at that time). ZINARA took over collection of toll fees in 2013 after a major computerisation project. At takeover, the entity also took over staff (300 employees) from ZIMRA that were employed to collect the fees

ZINARA Tolling