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AS per the ZINARA Funding Policy, the following are areas defined as eligible for funding from the Road Fund Account:
(a) Routine maintenance works
(b) Periodic maintenance works
(c) Safety maintenance costs
(d) Emergency and preventive costs
(e) Special Projects works
(f) Administration and professional services
(g) Capacity Building and Recapitalisation
Allocation of funds for road maintenance will be based on demonstrated needs and the amount of revenue raised by ZINARA.

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+ ZINARA Forecasts its revenue for the following year
+ After committing unavoidable expenses, Finance gives the Technical Dept. amounts available for disbursement
+ The Tech Dept. uses the disbursement formula to make annual allocations for all Road Authorities
+ The allocations are input into the budget for the Board’s and the Ministry’s Approval
+ ZINARA notifies Road Authorities (RA) their allocations and request for annual programmes
+ Once programmes are submitted, ZINARA approves as its internal process, and starts disbursements
+ Technical team members make field visits to monitor implementation of approved programmes
+ Upon exhaustion of funds, the RA submits an acquittal which the Technical Dpt. will assess completed works on site and certify


ZINARA has established estimates of basic maintenance costs per kilometre for each class of road recognised in terms of the Roads Act, unless directed otherwise by the principals. ZINARA has established road class quantifying factors that are used to estimate the amount of maintenance works that can be funded in any one year on any class of road recognised in terms of the Roads Act.

Each road authority is given an initial allocation of:
total length in class * periodic maintenance cost per kilometre * quantifying factor

The quantifying factors take the following variables into account:
- revenue forecasts
- revenue reserves required to balance allocations following
- submission of bids,
- the class of road,
- Traffic volumes,
- Age and condition of roads
- climate and terrain
- capacity to undertake works

Road Authorities are required to bid for the allocations and show cause why they should be allocated the funds. Road Authorities shall be guided by the ZINARA Maintenance Funding manual in preparing their programmes of maintenance works, which essentially are the bids required by ZINARA.

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• In accordance to the Roads Act Chapter 13: 18 section 17 the Board shall prescribe the criteria for the allocation of grants from the Road Fund for maintenance, rehabilitation or emergency works and the criteria shall be based on any or more of the following :
• Total amount or resources available for disbursements
• The class of road i.e. Regional, Primary, Secondary or Feeder
• The length and width of road
• The surface type i.e. Earth, Gravel or Surface
• Traffic levels / volume
• Condition of the road
• The intervention choice proposed i.e. Resealing
• The overall government policies and priorities


• Approved National Road Maintenance works programme and a Road Development Works Programme (covers both routine and periodic works) Section 16(4)
• Successful Acquittal accounting for the previous disbursement
• Submission of Interim Payment Certificate (IPC) for completed and certified works especially for periodic projects i.e regravelling
• Approved programme for Emergency works