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Zimbabwe National Road Administration

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ARMFA's vision

1. It is to be affiliated to African Union(AU) as a special implementing agency focusing on road development and maintenance in Africa.

2. To setup a permanent secretariat in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This is strategic since it will be close to the AU headquarters.

3. To encourage all the SADC member states to be affiliated to ARMFA. Currently eight are members.

4. To encourage all 54 African countries to be members of ARMFA.

ARMFA is divided into four focal groups namely; Central Africa, East Africa, West Africa and Sothern Africa where Zimbabwe(through ZINARA) belongs.

The association also aims to facilitate cooperation between African countries by way of developing national and sub-regional road networks that facilitate the integration and union of African people.

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Membership of ARMFA

The current leadership of ARMFA which was elected at the recent Annual General Meeting(AGM) held in Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC) from 22nd to 28th of November 2015 is as follows:

+ Mr Rashid Mohamed | Ethiopia | President

+ Mr Siandou Fofana | Cote D'ivoire | 1st Vice President

+ Mr Jean Claude Atanga | Cameroon | 2nd Vice President

+ Eng. Nancy Masiyiwa Chamisa | Zimbabwe | Executive Auditor


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The Executive runs for a two-year term(2016-2017).


Membership of ASAFG

Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Lesotho, Namibia, Comoros, Madagascar, Mozambique.

ARMFA SADC Focal Groups are an extension of the Executive Committee of ARMFA in their respective gegraphical areas. They meet at least twice before each Annual General Assembly(AGA) to share regional experiences, successes and challenges and also agree on issues to take to the Annual General Assembly as a group.


In 2003, Zimbabwe, through ZINARA was voted to the position of Chairman of the ARMFA Southern African Focal Group(ASAFG). He bacame part of the Executive Committee of the association. In November 2015, Zimbabwe was elected to become part of the Top 4 Executive members, to become ARMFA Auditor. The responsibility we were given at ARMFA complements the role of His Excellency, that of Rapporteur of the African Union. This will create an opportunity for the country to access credit lined from international road funders and lenders as we can leverage on this critical African role of road funds that we currently hold.

Role of ARMFA Executive Auditor

1. Oversee and monitor usage of funds in ARMFA
2. Oversee compliance to the Association's Statutes
3. Facilitate auditing of Association's funds account
4. Reports on the financial situation of the Association
5. Assists the ARMFA Executive in improving internal controls within the Association
6. Identifying and evaluating and managing financial risks
7. To make sure the accounting system is transparent and accountable.

Significance of Appointment as Auditor to Zimbabwe

1. It puts Zimbabwe on the world map in terms of road fund management
2. The appointment shows the faith and confidence Africa has in the quality of human capital in Zimbabwe
3. It confirms Zimbabwe as a leading country in the smooth running of road funds in the road industry
4. It shows the confidence Africa has on Zimbabwe's computerized revenue collection systems which are both auditable and transparent
5. Africa was inspired by Zimbabwe's home brewed innovative computerized revenue collection system which are 100% solar powered.

Zimbabwe's Contribution to ARMFA

Zimbabwe, through ZINARA achieved the following at ARMFA:

1. Became ARMFA Southern African Focal Group Chairperson(ASAFG) (2013-2016)
2. Zimbabwe eventually took over the Chairmanship of the Technical Committee for ASAFG as a result. (This is currently chaired by G Kanotangudza, ZINARA ICT Manager)
3. Developed first ever technical magazine for the focal group also adopted by the entire ARMFA grouping
4. Played major role in preparation and processing of documentation for ARMFA registration and affiliation to the African Union, which is a process still underway(September 2015)
5. Unanimously voted and elected ARMFA(Top 4 Positions) - Auditor Role - Overseer of all ARMFA processes(technical, finance, administrative)(25 November 2015).

ARMFA related Functions hosted by Zimbabwe - through ZINARA

+ Hosted the 13th ARMFA Annual General Assembly and Annual General Meeting in Victoria Falls(26 February 2015)
+ Hosted Malawi delegation comprising Malawi Transport Permanent Secretary who came for a knowledge sharing tour - came to learn our tolling system(June 2015)
+ Hosted Zambian delegation - who came on a tour of our tollgates to learn how we did it (August 2015).

Key Resolution made at the 13th ARMFA AGM held in Victoria Falls in February 2015

Members at the AGM resolved to adopt Zimbabwean Tolling Model because it was found to be world class, sustainable and home grown. Pursuant to that, several countries have visited Zimbabwe with a view to learn our model for purposes of adopting and implementing in their countries. The countries that have visited Zimbabwe so far include:




Zambia is the first country to implement tolling based on Zimbabwe's experiences. They operationalised their first two tollgates on the 15th of January 2016.