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  • Zimbabwe’s roads are now very old as most roads are past their intended lifespan
  • Our maintenance programmes are being done without a factual basis, something fully documented. Maintenance Priority is mostly due to user discretion and most road maintenance is more reactive than proactive.
  • Sometime in 2015, we noted that we needed to move with the times and reorganise ourselves as we had to enhance our road maintenance systems Moreover, we had to be more proactive than reactive and therefore we thought of creatng an updated inventory of our road infrastructure Zimbabwe has approximately 88,330km of road network. Of this, (61,330km) - 70% is gravel road found in rural areas. Unofficial estimates are that 45% of our rural roads are in a bad state. The question was, how bad is bad? Government of Zimbabwe ,through ZINARA then decided to do a Road Condition Survey project.

Why Road Condition Survey

  • To ascertain condition of the road networks
  • We intend to come up with a credible database of road condition in Zimbabwe

Deliverables of the Project

Roads Database Comprising:

  • Road network length, total km surfaced, total km gravel, total km earth road
  • Statistical Data (GIS mapped) relating to roads, bridges, road furniture
  • Key facilities, equipment, administrative capacity, human resources within all Road Authorities
  • A detailed report on the national situation as established by the survey

Cost & Scope of Work of the Project

  • To establish and update a database of Zimbabwe’s Roads held by the various Road Authorities so as to be able to come up with classified interventions to road maintenance:
    • Short Term, Medium Term and Long Term
    • Re-gravelling, Re-sealing, Re-surfacing
  • This was the first phase of our intended comprehensive road condition survey for the future
  • The project covered all the 88,330km of road network in Zimbabwe
  • Duration of the Project was May 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015 (Approx. 210 Days)
  • Total Cost of the Project was USD1,730,000.00
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