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Chivake Bridge is on the 74.6km peg along the Harare – Nyamapanda highway. It was damaged by a large rock which fell from a moving haulage truck. It damaged the road pavement, deck and the abutment beam. It belongs to the Department of Roads and it is on a tolled Regional road hence the urgency.

Execution approach

The proposed approach is to demolish affected span, reinforce damaged steel and reconcrete the works. Demolition will be from the point of minimum moment to abutment. This is a very conservative approach but the decision rests with the ministry.

Project schedule

The detour started in June 2014 and funding for the bridge was availed early October 2014. The expected completion date of the bridge is 30 November 2014 and it will be open to traffic on the 1st of December 2014. This is anticipated to be timely before heavy rains, because the detour bridges are low level hence can be submerged in peak flows and are single lane which are not suitable for heavy traffic i.e pending festive season. The detour is also long and not all weather.


  • Main road has been closed for bridge maintenance, traffic was diverted to the detour and necessary public notifications have been done
  • Safety measures on the detour have been put in place including traffic Controllers on narrow bridges and signage
  • Demolition of the affected deck span
  • Concrete footing
  • Demolition of affected bridge deck
  • Propping of deck walkway and parapets to pave way for beam demolition
  • Demolition of abutment beam
  • Deck scaffolding and shuttering
  • Reinforcement steal installations
  • Curing of concrete
  • Commissioning

Project Budget

  • The initial Project costs was $576 882
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