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Before we embarked on the computerisation of vehicle license in May 2012 ZINARA was faced with very weak systems in the collection, auditability, forecasting and controls in gerneral of the collections. The most obvious issue was the fact that we were only collecting around US$22 million per anum which equated to around 280 000 vehicles worth of license but when road blocks were mounted very few vehicles were found without discs. This confirmed that either the discs that were handwriten had been forged or the selling agents at the time were not remitting the full sales to ZINARA or the tellers themselves were substituting the genuine discs for forged discs.

ZINARA did not have the manpower to do physical audits at the selling agents and even when sample audits were carried out only what was presented to our audit teams was able to be checked. ZINARA needed the ability to manage it’s business by providing the tools to measure it’s business (sales, face value documents, banking and returns). We can only collect what we are sure was sold and we needed to get this done through a reliable, live, purpose designed computerised system and its equipment and back up.

Univern had done various presentations on computerisation to the Ministry where we had been present and they did a presentation to our board specifically on computerising vehicle license. It was agreed that ZINARA would give Univern a one year trial as the Technical and Development partner to ZINARA on implementing the computerised vehicle licence system and if successful the concession would be renewed for a 10 year period. The initial agreement was to roll out 29 sites, however closer to the go live date it was seen that 52 sites were needed and it was agreed with Univern to do this as part of the terms and at no extra charge.

On going live there were some challenges mainly due to the fact that data had to be captured for the first time. Today we have over 330 live sites across the country where vehicle license can be purchased. There are absolutely no ques now due to the large number of sites and customers have no excuse for not obtaining license in time. We also have complete control of our agents should they not remit funds timeously we are able to “switch” them off without having to actually go to the agent and try retrieve face value documents as in the past.

Below is a summary of the impact computerisation has had on Zinara:

  • Annual revenue has more than doubled from an average of $22million per annum to almost $50million per annum;
  • Through a reliable live computerised system, Zinara, with the aid of the technology provided, can track and chase arrears and penalties (the case study below illustrates the effectiveness of the tools);
  • Zinara has provided a live interconnected network that enables it to hold officers accountable, measure performance and combat fraud;
  • The systems provide Zinara with a fully audtiable database and a mechanism to cross check data integrity;
  • While the systems implemented to date have delivered significant benefits to Zinara and to the State, the platform developed is a technological backbone on which further systems have been added and will continued to be added.
  • The computerisation program has also spanned the Toll gates and has revolutionised the collection mechanism at the toll gates.
  • Zinara have been able to empower the tolls as “soft road blocks” and have successfully connected the licencing database to the toll gates. This has assisted with the compliance on both licencing and charging the correct fee on tolling for the class.
  • The current program of the unified database will further enhance and drive compliance of motor vehicles in all respects. This has also been done with our technology partner and will prove to be a great asset to the state for control and complaince.

As a result of compurtisation of vehicle licencing, the following streamsof revenue have also been computerized:

  • Road Tolling fees collections
  • Transit fees collections



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