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ASAFG Focal Group Meeting Harare 2015

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This report covers the period from 2014 to January 2015.The report covers various aspects of focal group operations which include membership status, subscription payment status, proposals to amend internal regulation, ASAFG vision & mission and membership recruitment drive


Three Focal Group meetings were held from 25 – 26 May 2014 in Maseru, Lesotho. The second was a technical meeting held from 16 – 17 June 2014 in Harare, Zimbabwe and 3rd held in Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls 23 – 24 January 2015.


The southern Africa Focal group has a membership of 8 countries namely: Comoros, Lesotho, Namibia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe

Subscription Payment Status (as at Dec. 2014)

Amendment of Internal Regulations

The following were reviewed and submitted to Executive Committee for further consideration

  • By-Laws
  • Internal Regulation
  • Libreville Charter

ASAFG vision & Mission


To become the model ARMFA group in resource mobilization for Road Infrastructure Development and Maintenance


To promote sustainable road funds in Southern Africa and continually provide innovative financing mechanisms and ensuring value for money road infrastructure Development

Membership Recruitment Drive

ASAFG is currently on a membership recruitment drive and the target are the countries in the Southern Region namely: Angola, Swaziland, South Africa, and Botswana

Proposed Projects

The following projects were proposed in conjunction with ARMFA Secretariat

  1. Strategic business & strategic plan
  2. Setting up of ARMFA Secretariat
  3. Setting up of ARMFA Data base
  4. Website Hosting & Maintenance

Technical Bulletin

The ASAFG Technical committee agreed to be publishing a quarterly Technical Bulletin and this will be posted on the ARMFA website. We anticipate to publish the 1st technical bulletin by mid 2015

10 topics proposed by ASAFG to be presented at the 13th Annual General Assembly in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

  1. Best Practice in Tolling mechanisms
  2. Outsourcing VS in-House Collection of Road User Charges
  3. Comparative analysis of costs in Construction of Roads
  4. Transportation of Bulk Goods on the Roads: Is it a threat or Opportunity
  5. Economic Vs social in identifying Priority Roads
  6. Combating Climate effects on Road Infrastructure in Africa (The Case of Lesotho)
  7. Innovative ways of Funding Maintenance and Rehabilitation

Zimbabwe Tolling System

Zimbabwe was given an opportunity to prepare a presentation at the 13th AGA on Tolling mechanism, especially focusing on its experience


Allow me thank all the members of the Southern Africa Focal group (ASAFG) for support and encouragement and also we are humbled by the show of support by the ARMFA Executive demonstrated by allowing Zimbabwe to host the 13th Annual General Meeting in Victoria falls

Presented by:

Eng. Moses Julius Juma

Acting Chief Executive Officer (ZINARA)


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