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ARMFA Executive Meeting Cameroon 2017

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Agenda of the Meeting

  • Adopt minutes and review matters arising of the 3rd Executive Committee Meeting held from 3-4 November, 2016 at SOFITEL HOTEL in Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire
  • Adopt and review matters arising of the 15th Annual General Meeting held on the 11th of November, 2016 SOFITEL HOTEL in Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire
  • Adopt the Report of the of the 15th Annual General Assembly held on the 11th of November, 2016 SOFITEL HOTEL in Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire
  • Elect the host for the 16th Annual General Assembly and discuss he preparations

Attendance and Focal Group Reports

The Executive meeting had a 100% attendance of all the ARMFA Executive Members and their entourage. This included all focal group chairpersons as well as the top Executive.

Name Country Country Designation ARMFA Designation
Mr. Rashid Mohammed Abdulahi Ethiopia Director General of Road Fund President of AMRFA
Mr. William Komenan Cote d’Ivoire Director General of Road Fund 1st Vice President of ARMFA
Mr. Jean Claude Atanga Cameroon Director General of Road Fund 2nd Vice President of ARMFA
Eng. Nancy Masiyiwa Chamisa Zimbabwe ZINARA Chief Executive Officer ARMFA Auditor
Mr. Moulaye Ahmed Boubacar Mali Director General of Road Fund Chairperson, ARMFA West Africa Focal Group
Eng. Jacob Ruwa Kenya Executive Director, Roads Board Chairperson, ARMFA East Africa Focal Group
Mr.Habib Mahamat Abdel-Aziz Chad CEO, Road Fund Chairperson, ARMFA Central Africa Focal Group
Mr. Nirina Randimby Madagascar General Secretary (CEO), Road Fund Chairperson, ARMFA South Africa Focal Group
Mr. Yetimgeta Asrat Maru Ethiopia Director General of Ethiopia Road Agency Head, Permanent Secretariat Office, ARMFA

All Focal Group chairpersons made presentations of their reports as summarised below:

  • Southern African Focal Group (ASAFG) elected Madagascar as new Chairperson and Namibia as Vice Chairperson of the focal group. They were also in the process of adopting Angola and Mauritius as new members to the group
  • East African Focal Group (EAFG) was still engaging Rwanda and South Sudan to join as members of their focal group
  • Central African Focal Group had challenges with their current members as the region is not politically stable at the moment. Efforts were being made to ensure works for roads fund would not be disturbed.
  • West African Focal Group (WAFG) indicated that Ghana now had new Chief Executive Officer and that their focal group was functioning well.

Remarks by Cameroon Secretary of State for Roads and Public Works

The Cameroonian Secretary of State responsible for Roads and Public Works, Mr. Haina Lonja Lewis Max, emphasised that Road Funds were critical in the protection of the roads heritage. He also indicated that Cameroonian government had expanded the mandate of their Road Fund to include road rehabilitation. The country crafted a 3year road emergency maintenance plan to increase their road network from 7,000km to 10,000km. He also thanked members for the important knowledge sharing experiences that Cameroon was benefiting from ARMFA and urged that to continue as Africa was in need of such collaboration from member states.

Election of host for the 16th Annual General Assembly (AGA)

Ethiopia volunteered to host the 16th AGA and they were unanimously elected to do so by all member states. Their provisional dates for the AGA are the last two weeks of October, 2017. The actual dates for the meeting are yet to be confirmed.

Proposed Extra-Ordinary ARMFA Executive Meeting in Zimbabwe

It was noted that there was need to have an extra-ordinary Executive Meeting and this was scheduled to be held in July 2017. Ethiopia requested Zimbabwe to host the meeting and the Executive unanimously agreed. Ethiopia are the current hosts for the AGM and the AGA slated for October 2017 in Addis Ababa. As a result, they felt there was so much to learn from Zimbabwe’s experiences who have previously successfully hosted ARMFA AGA and AGM.

Respectfully Submitted by,

Eng. Nancy Masiyiwa Chamisa



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